# WebhookResult class

The WebhookResult class contains the results of a webhook HTTP request.

# Properties

A WebhookResult object has the following properties:

  • $id: Unique identifier for the webhook result, assigned when storing the result in a webhook result store.
  • $response: The response from the webhook HTTP request, as a Symfony\Contracts\HttpClient\ResponseInterface.
  • $throwable: The Throwable if the sending of the HTTP webhook request failed.
  • $webhook: The Webhook object that the webhook result applies to.

# Methods

A WebhookResult object provides the following methods:

Property Type Setter Getter
$id string setId() getId()
$response Response getResponse()
$throwable Throwable getThrowable()
$webhook Webhook getWebhook()

It also provides the isSuccessful() method, which returns a boolean depending on whether the sending of the webhook was successful.