# Console

The EasyWebhook packages provides the following console command:

  • easy-webhooks:send-due-webhooks

# Send due webhooks

The easy-webhooks:send-due-webhooks command finds stored webhooks that are due to be sent, i.e. webhooks that were not sent because they had the $sendAfter property set to a date and time in the future, but can now be sent because the $sendAfter date and time has passed.

Note that the webhook store must implement EonX\EasyWebhook\Interfaces\Stores\SendAfterStoreInterface in order to be able to find due webhooks. Of the stores provided by the EasyWebhook package, only the Doctrine DBAL webhook store supports finding due webhooks.

The command has the following options:

  • --bulk: Number of webhooks to send.
  • --sendAfter: DateTime to start fetching due webhooks from, in "Y-m-d H:i:s" format.
  • --timezone: The time zone of the sendAfter DateTime, given as a valid tz database (opens new window) name, e.g. Australia/Melbourne.