EonX - EasyDecision

Your most complex decisions made the easiest way.

# Roadmap

  • [x] Yes/No Decision: Give input -> Rules -> True/False
  • [x] Value Decision: Give input -> Rules -> Get output
  • [x] Specific functions per decision type
  • [x] Common functions to all decision types
  • [x] Yes/No decision have different strategies:
  • [x] affirmative: Yes as soon as first rule says yes
  • [x] consensus: Yes if more yes than no
  • [x] unanimous: Yes if everybody says yes
  • [x] Priority on rules: Run first the rules with smallest priority
  • [x] Rules can say if they support the given input
  • [x] After run users can get which rules ran, their body and output
  • [x] Test the Laravel Decision Factory
  • [x] Improve config file with some examples
  • [x] Create a PHP methods expression functions provider as helper
  • [ ] Create documentation

# Documentation

# Laravel / Lumen