The purpose of this package isn't to be used within a project by the application as there is no point in creating another level of abstraction in that case BUT only to allow eonx-com packages to dispatch events without having to think about the event dispatcher used by each of our projects.

# Require package (Composer)

The recommended way to install this package is to use Composer (opens new window):

$ composer require eonx-com/easy-lock

# Usage

The Symfony Lock component has an excellent documentation (opens new window) and we recommend referring to it.

# Connection

To work with this package you simply have to register the connection to use for the locks store as a service under the easy_lock.connection id. This connection will be given to the StoreFactory (opens new window), so its value can be anything supported by the Lock component.

# Store

If defining the connection doesn't work for you, you can override the store instance within the service container under the id.