# AWS ECS Fargate information

If required, you can include information about your application's AWS ECS Fargate task as metadata in Bugsnag reports. The AWS ECS Fargate information is shown on the AWS tab of Bugsnag.


The EasyBugsnag package currently only supports AWS ECS Fargate instances.

Set the aws_ecs_fargate.enabled configuration option to true to enable this feature (see Configuration for more information).

Note that the default configurators (which includes the AwsEcsFargateConfigurator) must also be enabled by setting the use_default_configurators configuration option to true.

The AwsEcsFargateConfigurator automatically resolves information about the AWS ECS Fargate task (AvailabilityZone, Cluster, TaskARN and TaskDefinition) and adds it as metadata to Bugsnag reports.

For custom AWS implementation, you can also set aws_ecs_fargate.meta_url for the URL to fetch AWS ECS Fargate task metadata and aws_ecs_fargate.meta_storage_filename for the filename to cache AWS ECS Fargate task metadata into.