# Register Bundle

If you're using Symfony Flex (opens new window), this step has been done automatically for you. If not, you can register the bundle yourself:

// config/bundles.php

return [
    // Other bundles ...

    EonX\EasyRandom\Bridge\Symfony\EasyRandomSymfonyBundle::class => ['all' => true],

# Configuration

# config/packages/easy_random.yaml

    uuid_version: 6 # Default value

You can configure the UUID version to use for the EonX\EasyRandom\Interfaces\UuidGeneratorInterface service. The default value is 6. The possible values are 4 and 6.

The following classes will be used depending on the version you choose:

  • Version 4: EonX\EasyRandom\Bridge\Symfony\Generators\SymfonyUuidV4Generator (the EonX\EasyRandom\Bridge\Ramsey\Generators\RamseyUuidV4Generator class if the "symfony/uid" package is not installed)
  • Version 6: EonX\EasyRandom\Bridge\Symfony\Generators\SymfonyUuidV6Generator (the EonX\EasyRandom\Bridge\Ramsey\Generators\RamseyUuidV6Generator class if the "symfony/uid" package is not installed)

Of course, you can also create your own generator by implementing the EonX\EasyRandom\Interfaces\UuidGeneratorInterface interface and register it in your container.