# Usage

The EasyErrorHandler package seamlessly integrates with your favourite framework. Once the package has been installed and enabled, all exceptions handled by your framework will use the EasyErrorHandler package to generate error responses and reports.

# Using explicitly

You can also use the package to explicitly report an exception at any point in your application. Since \EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorHandlerInterface is registered as a service in your framework, you can use dependency injection to use it within your application. For example:

// src/Service/MyService.php

namespace App\Service;

use EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorHandlerInterface;

final class MyService
     * @var \EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorHandlerInterface
    private $errorHandler;

    public function __construct(ErrorHandlerInterface $errorHandler)
        $this->errorHandler = $errorHandler;

    public function doSomething(): void
        try {
            // Do something...
        } catch (\Throwable $throwable) {

# Symfony

Due to the Autowiring via setters (opens new window) feature of Symfony, you can use \EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Traits\ErrorHandlerAwareTrait to simplify the injection of \EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorHandlerInterface.