# Error response builders

The error response builders are used by the ErrorHandler's render() method to build the HTTP error response. See ErrorHandler.

The error response builders implement EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderInterface, which defines the following methods:

  • buildData(): provides $data, an array of raw data which will be encoded to generate the HTTP response body
  • buildHeaders(): provides $headers, an array of headers to set on the generated HTTP response
  • buildStatusCode(): provides $statusCode, the status code of the generated HTTP response

The ErrorHandler loops through the provided error response builders and calls the methods above on each one.

Error response builders are provided to the ErrorHandler via implementations of EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderProviderInterface.

# Default builders

The following set of error response builders are provided to the ErrorHandler by default:

  • CodeBuilder: Adds the exception code to the response body.
  • ExtendedExceptionBuilder: Adds extended exception information to the response body, including the following:
    • class
    • file
    • line
    • message
    • trace
  • StatusCodeBuilder: Sets the HTTP response status code to the exception's $statusCode property. For example, it would set the status code to 404 for a NotFoundException.
  • SubCodeBuilder: Adds the exception sub-code to the response body.
  • TimeBuilder: Adds a timestamp to the response body.
  • UserMessageBuilder: Adds the exception's user-friendly message to the response body.
  • ViolationsBuilder: Adds violations information to the response body if the exception implements EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\Exceptions\ValidationExceptionInterface (such as ValidationException)
  • HttpExceptionBuilder: For HTTP exceptions in Symfony applications (i.e. exceptions that implement Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\HttpExceptionInterface), sets the message in the response body to the exception's $message property and the HTTP response status code to the exception's $statusCode property.

# Custom builders

You can create your own custom error response builders and provide them to the ErrorHandler.

Create your own custom error response builders by implementing EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderInterface.

Provide your error response builders to the ErrorHandler by using EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderProviderInterface. This interface defines the getBuilders() method which returns a collection of your EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderInterface implementations. The ErrorHandler accepts a collection of all error response builder providers via its constructor.

For example, to provide your custom error response builder, StatusCodeBuilder, to the ErrorHandler, create a builder provider implementing EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderProviderInterface:

// src/Exception/Response/MyStatusCodeBuilderProvider.php

namespace App\Exception\Response;

use EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Builders\StatusCodeErrorResponseBuilder;
use EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderProviderInterface;

final class MyStatusCodeBuilderProvider implements ErrorResponseBuilderProviderInterface
     * @return iterable<\EonX\EasyErrorHandler\Interfaces\ErrorResponseBuilderProviderInterface>
     public function getBuilders(): iterable
        // Return the built-in status code builder, but don't hesitate to create your own!
        yield new StatusCodeErrorResponseBuilder();