# Register Your Scheduled Commands

To register the scheduled commands this bundle implements a concept of "schedule providers", thanks to Symfony's autoconfigure feature, the only thing required is to create services that implement EonX\EasySchedule\Interfaces\ScheduleProviderInterface. The ScheduleInterface passed to the schedule method offers all the features of the Laravel Console Scheduling (opens new window).

// src/Schedule/MyScheduleProvider.php

use EonX\EasySchedule\Interfaces\ScheduleInterface;
use EonX\EasySchedule\Interfaces\ScheduleProviderInterface;

final class MyScheduleProvider implements ScheduleProviderInterface
    public function schedule(ScheduleInterface $schedule): void
            ->command('poc:hello-world', ['-v'])

# Run The Schedule

This bundle providers a console command to run the schedule:

$ php bin/console schedule:run