This repository is a mono-repository, it contains the code of many packages. For more information about this concept you can look there (opens new window).

# Packages

# Contribute

  • Any new feature and/or hotfix MUST be submitted as a PR
  • The title of the PR MUST respect the following pattern [<PackageName>] <PR Title>
  • The PR MUST pass the checks before being merged
  • (Ideally) Create one PR per package

# Release New Version

The release of a new version MUST be done from the master branch.

# 1. Make sure to pull the latest version of master in your local copy of the repository
$ git checkout master && git pull

# 2. Generate changelog. Make sure to verify the content of after each run
$ composer changelog

# 3. Release the new version
$ vendor/bin/monorepo-builder release vX.X.X

# 4. Split new version to each package
$ composer split