By default ApiPlatform (opens new window), requires an ApiResource to have at least one property as it uses them to:

  • generate the documentation
  • serialise/de-serialise the ApiResource from the request and to the response

This can be an issue in the case you want to create a simple endpoint with no request payload. This package provides a feature to allow you to create an ApiResource with no request payload.

# No Properties ApiResource

To create a simple API endpoint with no request payload but still beneficiate of the auto generated documentation and ApiPlatform features such as DataPersister, create an ApiResource that implements the EonX\EasyCore\Bridge\Symfony\ApiPlatform\Interfaces.

// src/Api/Resource/EmailsSendResource.php

namespace App\Api\Resource;

use ApiPlatform\Core\Annotation\ApiResource;
use EonX\EasyCore\Bridge\Symfony\ApiPlatform\Interfaces\NoPropertiesApiResourceInterface;

 * @ApiResource()
final class EmailsSendResource implements NoPropertiesApiResourceInterface
    // No properties!